The Brian Gardner Fan Club

We love Brian Gardner. No seriously. Like, we’re starting a fan club. Right now.  That’s what Win With WordPress really is. It’s the official Brian Gardner Fan Club.

Brian has been a good friend and business ally and he and his work served as the inspiration for this project. We saw what he was doing with StudioPress and knew that he was on to something and that its exactly what political and nonprofit organizations were missing – inexpensive, flexible and fast launching websites.

It’s Brian’s Genesis Framework that makes it all possible. Genesis is a flexible WordPress framework that gives us a platform on which to build amazing templates.  If it weren’t for Genesis, your new Win With WordPress website wouldn’t be so inexpensive. Because of Genesis, we don’t have to build the foundation from scratch every time. Instead we can concentrate on pumping out amazing new themes.

Isn’t that awesome?  Now you see why we are building the Brian Gardner Fan Club! To join, just tweet @bgardner and tell him Thank You for rocking the web.

– Lauren and Wesley

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