Is that a computer in your pocket?

My good friend David All penned an article recently declaring websites dead, claiming mobile is now dominating network use. I saw David at SXSW and told him that I both agree and disagree with his assertion.

I think it’s a numbers game. David, a former politico, has taken his firm in a corporate direction. In that vein, David is right. The masses are moving to mobile and because his is a much larger audience, mobile should be the concentration.

In politics however, we’re not quite there yet for most races. Presidential and statewide races in large states such as California, New York and Texas should place a heavy concentration on mobile because again, the numbers are there. That’s not the case for most races where you’re marketing to smaller numbers, many in rural areas.

Let’s use my home state of South Carolina as an example. Joe Wilson’s 2nd Congressional district holds the populated areas of Lexington and Hilton Head Island, but the majority of his district encompasses rural South Carolina counties like Bamberg, Barnwell and Jasper. Those voters might use cell phones, but they hardly get their information from a mobile device.

Today I think David and I are both right, but give it a couple more years and David will be completely right and I’ll be right there with him. There is no doubt that mobile is the future. People are moving online and away from televisions. Because people are starting to carry little computers in their pockets, campaigns must start learning mobile marketing.

When asked by the Denver Post “what’s the next big thing,” I immediately responded “mobile, anything to do with mobile.”

Mobile was one of the biggest trends at this year’s SXSW. Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and new companies like GroupMe are leading the charge. Politicos better follow.

Here at Win With WordPress, we’re definitely following. In the upcoming days you’ll see new mobile plugins added to our political premium package WordPress websites. You shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars making your online campaign mobile. We can do it for you with our inexpensive campaign websites. You can win with WordPress. And you can certainly win with mobile.

– Wesley

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