The Team behind Win

Our story starts with a small group of creative web developers teaming up with some of the nation’s top political operatives to build a platform capable of propelling races of all sizes.

Several years ago, we realized that there was something missing in the world of political website development.

Too many candidates could not find a decent way to make their presence on the web known, despite the fact that the world was rapidly moving toward the point at which such a presence was entirely necessary. Big design firms were making mountains of money while providing a static, hard to alter or update product and political candidates were being forced to either ante up or miss the boat.

Based on our knowledge of web design and campaign management, coupled with the rise of WordPress as a comprehensive CMS, we realized that there was another, far better way. Why not provide a framework upon which individual campaigns could, at a comfort level decided by the client, be largely developed and controlled by the campaign office itself? After all, bloggers around the world were already using the concept to share their thoughts, why could a candidate not do the same?

And so, forces united and a new concept was born. Web design for and by the politician. You know your constituency, you know your platform and you know, better than anyone, what you stand for and how you want to be represented to the public. Why should you NOT have control? We provide the set-up, we provide the knowledge of how a political campaign operates and we know how to help you get your message across.