Built for races of all sizes

Time is money.

It’s the oldest saying in the book. How would you like to be able to save both? Win is built around a simple concept – building great looking websites on your budget, and on your timeline. As you can see on the video, we’re big believers in the word “Now!”


Hosting and Updates

A Win subscription plan includes hosting and security updates. Win sites are built on a WordPress Multisite platform and hosted on cloud-based servers. We make sure you have the most up-to-date version of WordPress, all of your plugins and security updates.


Win gives you a selection of premium templates to choose from that can be put together on a tight timeline, but also customized so that your site stands out from other campaigns on the Web.


All Win themes are designed with mobile built right in. Your site will automatically look great on your computer screen, tablet and phone.


Our web designers are some of the best. They’ve designed sites for presidential, US Senate and Gubernatorial candidates across the nation. Our team of designers will put together graphic content for your site that not only makes it stand out, but is also consistent with the overall “look and feel” of your campaign. Check out our Graphic Design package for more information.


We will manage all of the content on your site, from static content like your bio to ever-changing content like blog entries and news of the day. Check out our Interactive Maintenance packages for more on the content packages and management services.


All Win sites use Piryx, the most robust donation platform on the Web today. For a low 5.5% transaction fee, Piryx processes the donations, collects the data in easy-to-use reports, and transfers the money to your bank account.

Data Collection

We build forms that encourage users to put in as much data as they’re comfortable with, telling you why they’re visiting or how they’re interested in helping. Win uses Gravity Forms to collect information. Data collected through Gravity Forms can be automatically imported into our email system.


Each Win site can be connected to our email marketing system. When someone signs up on your website, their information is automatically added to your account so there is no exporting or importing required.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Win sites use a framework which utilizes the best SEO tools out there. Fill in what key words you want for your site and the framework does the heavy lifting for you. Our SEO will help your site rank higher in the search engines, and by following our tutorials and recommendations you can achieve even better search engine placement results.


Each Win site comes fully loaded with social media plugins that enable you to showcase your social media accounts on your homepage or throughout your site on interior pages. We know that utilizing your social media is important to connecting with your supporters so we’ve also enabled share buttons on all pages as well.


Our sites are designed to integrate perfectly with Google analytics. You can get the data you need to help customize everything from donation appeals to your blog to your biography. You can see what’s working and what isn’t so you can adjust accordingly.


We’ve developed tutorials and forums to help you customize the look and content of your Win site. If you choose our  subscription package you will also have priority access to our crack team of professionals who are available and accessible to meet your needs. Whether it’s a quick question or something more in depth, we will make sure your needs are taken care of fast.